Employer Partnerships

Business Handshake

If you are a local business owner who is interested in partnering with the practice to provide healthcare to your employees, please contact us at : 616-228-1273.


You may also e-mail Violet Skies at: drsandborn@violetskiesfamilyhealth.com

to schedule a meeting. 

How Can Direct Primary Care Help Employers?

  • Lowers employer premium contributions

  • Provides employees with extended access to healthcare:

    • Increased access = Decreased employee absenteeism during work hours and increased productivity

  • Provides primary care and preventative care services for your part-time employees that may not qualify for insurance 

  • Access to Care: We provide same day/next day appointments

  • Low cost labs, radiology, and medications

  • No copays, hidden fees, or insurance hassles

  • Employees can text, email, video conference all included in the monthly membership fee

  • Quality healthcare with a board-certified Family Medicine physician: 30-60 minute appointment scheduling

  • Promotes your employee wellness model by providing a health and wellness-oriented business culture