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Message to Our Community

about Covid-19

Masks will need to be worn by Dr. Sandborn and the patient during the entire visit to comply with healthcare facility CDC and MDHHS guidlines for COVID 19 prevention. Please wear your mask appropriately over your mouth and your nose. 

We are taking Coronavirus and your health very seriously. We sanitize the patient room completely between each patient visit 

If you have severe or life-threatening symptoms, please call 911.


If you have symptoms: Fever, Cough, Shortness of Breath

Monitor your symptoms

  • Seek medical attention, but call first: Seek medical care right away if your illness is worsening (for example, if you have difficulty breathing).

    • Call your doctor before going in: Before going to the doctor’s office or emergency room, call ahead and tell them your symptoms. They will tell you what to do.

  • Wear a facemask: Put on a facemask before you enter the building. This will help protect others.

  • Follow care instructions from your healthcare provider, or local health department: Your local health authorities will give instructions on checking your symptoms and reporting information.

Call 911 if you have a medical emergency: If you have a medical emergency and need to call 911, notify the operator that you have or think you might have, COVID-19. If possible, put on a facemask before medical help arrives.

For up to date information in Michigan about Coronavirus:

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